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The ultimate accommodation


We cherish the power of simplicity and the aura of luxury emanating from an authentic sense of space and place. This philosophy drove the design and style of the luxurious MY LITTLE SUITES.

Located 1.000m from the port and very close to Ano Syros and the orthodox hill of Vrontado they allow you to explore every corner of the magnified Ermoupolis.

Fully equipped, daily cleaning, and with private parking invite you to experience and enjoy with all your senses leisurely warmth and intimate luxury.   

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daily cleaning

free parking

fully furnished

free WiFi

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a walk in the city !!!

discover the town ...



The medieval fortified citadel which crowns the top of the island comprises of narrow paved cobbled streets and white-painted yards. The path from the great door to the springs of Saint Athanasios at the back side of Upper Syros, the breezy slope with running water and the huge maple tree leads to the invisible beauty of Ermoupolis. The Saint Nicolas of the Poor -a church worth visiting- in Upper Syros took its name in contradistinction to the church of Saint Nicolas in Ermoupolis, the so-called of “the Rich”. The Saint Nicolas of the Poor, built in 1560, is the oldest orthodox church surviving in the island that stands out for its high stone belfry. One can also find yards full of bougainvillea, picturesque coffee shops, colorful shutters and tiny shops, a mosaic of magic pictures never to be forgotten. Amongst them, a little shop with traditional pure products stands out welcoming the guests and urging them to feel and taste flavours and aromas beyond space and time., phone 2281076209.



The Cultural Center of Syros-Ermoupolis is housed, along with the Municipal Library and the Museum of Cycladic Art, in a two-floored neoclassical building located in Miaoulis Square. The building that combines romantic neoclassicism with Italian influences lays in the right side of the Town Hall. Among the most fascinating buildings of Ermoupolis are those that accommodate the Syros Casino. They are two neoclassical preservable buildings, dating back to 1830, that connect to each other with an underground gallery. The neoclassical architecture is already visible from the entrance. The central gate has an apsidal shape while a marble staircase leads to the other floor. On its interior, majestic arches feature the halls and the walls while white marble, cyan onyx and crystal chandeliers endow this place with an extra touch of discreet luxury. The Industrial Museum of Ermoupolis was founded in 2000 by the Center of Technical Culture and is located across the General Hospital of Syros and is housed in four industrial buildings of the 19th century, the Kornilaki Tannery, the Buckshot Factory Anairoysi, the Velissaropoulou weaving mill, the Katsimanti paint factory. This unique museum is worth visiting as it hosts exemplary and unique exhibits such as Enfield 8000, the first electric car in Greece build in the Neorion Shipyards as well as the remnants of the shipwreck of the steamship Patris.   



Under the rich shadow of Chios Street, the market of Ermoupolis spreads its wares. Here you will find all the famous products of Syros and not only that. You can try louza (cold cuts), taste local San Michalis cheese, and will be sweetened with the taste of loukoumia and halva pies. On this street, a magical grocery store opens its doors every day, PREKA's store. Here the old harmonizes with the new and everywhere flavors, colors and perfumes dominate that lead you to a unique world. In the shadow of this market, you will taste the unsurpassed loukoumia of KORRE, fresh fish will wink to you and on the grocery store juicy and fresh fruits will cool you from the hot summer sun, and will make your stay in Syros a unique experience.

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